CTS POWER SYSTEMS is a full service infrastructure EPC, providing site build, assessment, Commercial EV Charging, Site Engineering, UPS, Environmental, Utility Upgrades/new service interconnections, Permitting support, and Construction.


CTS Power Systems is a Commercial Power Solutions team with decades of experience from our Electrical Power Systems crews including our Master Electrician, Journeymen, and Apprentices. CTS Power Systems Power Solutions is a infrastructure focused team which provides a wealth of experience, dedication, and integrity to ensure every job is executed professionally and on-time.

From Commercial EV Station installation to Environmental and Site Build, CTS’s Power Systems team delivers deep knowledge of the technical nuances between manufacturer designs, power systems, and construction.


The CTS POWER SYSTEMS team surveys each site to determine the best technologies to ensure the maximum ROI on commercial EV charging site investment.

​We provide a deep analysis of potential EV sites, including; analysis of existing electrical infrastructure, preliminary site layouts, ADA deign, renewable generation, and construction estimates.

In addition, our CTS POWER SYSTEMS provides an overview of options and expected operational costs and optional renewable energy savings options with OPEX vs. CAPEX solutions.

  • EVSE Power Determination
  • Site Design
  • ​ADA Requirements
  • Environmental
  • Site Builds
  • Power Systems Analysis
  • Energy Storage Analysis
  • Cost Modeling


CTS POWER SYSTEMS provides full engineering services to bring all the components of a truly great ​EV charging facility together, from initial consultations through to operation.

CTS POWER SYSTEMS team of engineers, Project Managers, and Master Electricians ensure every site is developed efficiently, complying to all ADA and local and Federal code requirements.

​Having worked with all major hardware manufactures, CTS POWER SYSTEMS utilize predesigned and validated templates to build full site designs effectively with our experience ensuring bottom line efficiency for all our valued clients.

Engineering services:

Site Surveys
EV Station design and installation
Topographical Surveys
Equipment Assessment
Electrical Design
Civil Design
Utility Interconnections
Generation Analysis
Solar Design
Energy Storage Design
Permit Submittals & Coordination

Service & Maintenance

Broken cable or connector?
Faulty power module?
Loss of power?
Communications down?
Screen failed?

​We’re in a vastly expanding and developing industry and we are here to support you. Our CTS POWER SYSTEMS electricians and technicians are experienced in troubleshooting, upgrading and replacing all aspects of an EV charging site.

Long term SERVICE MAINTINENCE contract options available to provide your commercial sites are fully protected for the unexpected.