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Capital Telecom Services provides full construction services to support the growing demand for communications infrastructure. From datacenters to commercial offices, college campuses, warehouses, hospitals, and stadiums. When you have the need, Count on Capital!

Poor coverage in any area is frustrating and costly. Capital Telecom Services eliminates dropped calls and slow data. With our vast experience supporting communications infrastructure, we ensure full connectivity for every device inside the building utilizing the best solution tailored to the application.

Capital Telecom Services futureproof you’re in-building coverage by deploying a 5G-ready cellular system or can upgrade an existing cellular communications system for a “fully covered” enhanced building. Our seasoned and certified in-house technicians can support your requirements and can enable your designated area to a Smart Building.

  • Carrier DAS
  • Public Safety
  • Cabling

Carrier DAS

Numerous factors adversely affect the ability of a cellular network to reach subscribers inside a building. New construction materials improve structural integrity and energy efficiency but compromise the ability to propagate wireless service. Energy-efficient glass, thick concrete walls, and steel construction all restrict wireless signals from penetrating a building. A proper signal cannot be generated between the carrier and the building. When this happens, a building owner should consider cellular enhancement via a Distributed Antenna System (DAS).

A Distributed Antenna System, also known as an in-building wireless system is a network of spatially separated antennas which supports numerous wireless technologies and generates a robust, dependable cellular service. Each system is unique and custom-tailored to the building in which it lives. Capital Telecom Services fully supports turnkey 5G as well as turnkey and retrofit solutions to support your wireless generation needs.

First Responder Communications (Public Safety)

Capital Telecom Services provides InBuilding solutions for First Responder Emergency Communications also referred to as Emergency Responder Radio Coverage System (ERRCS). To properly communicate, a Public Safety DAS system is utilized by First Responders. This system ensures strong radio signal and coverage throughout all areas of a building, even problem areas such as basements, stairwells, and elevators. A reliable and resilient wireless network is critical for First Responders to communicate without interruption during an emergency. In addition, First Responders mutually depend on interoperability and security to achieve effective communications.

Building owners are responsible for the safety of their occupants and penalties will be levied if a building owner is not compliant. To ensure first responders can efficiently and effectively do their job, codes have been issued by the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) and the International Code Council (ICC), as well as local ordinances.

Capital Telecom Services can determine whether your building is compliant with national and local codes. If the survey determines your building is not compliant, we will identify, design, and install the correct communications system to meet the requirements.

Once an ERRCS is installed, building owners are also responsible for annually testing the equipment, proving the required coverage, and providing a written report of the results. Capital Telecom Services is experienced with government ordinances and can quickly perform the annual testing so that you do not risk a notice of violation. Count on Capital!


At Capital Telecom Services, we are aware of the value of having a well-organized company network for performance and development. Our structured cabling is very adaptable since it can rapidly and easily handle future additions, restructurings, or modifications. This makes sure that your company’s performance improves, which translates into increased profits. For the dynamic market that exists today, Capital Telecom Services will offer affordable goods and installation services.