Integrators may find themselves with a project that requires a structured cabling system but don’t have staff experienced with the design, installation, or testing of the systems. Or building owners and operators are looking to upgrade their building’s IT infrastructure and aren’t sure where to start.
A structured cabling system is a smart IT investment. And leaving the details to a non-specialist
threatens that investment. But how can you be sure the structured cabling specialist you’re considering is the partner you need? They should prove to you they meet these four criteria:

1: They have implemented a wide variety of systems

Each structured cabling system is different from the next one. Specialist teams have years of experience across a breadth of projects, like airports, museums, or stadiums. They’ve also worked with major providers. Each provider has different requirements and criteria that must be met. Specialists understand all of them. Before partnering with a specialist, ask them for a portfolio of projects. It should contain a well-rounded breadth of project types. And it should include evidence of meeting the requirements of a range of high-level industry providers.

2. They are industry experts

A structured cabling system needs to meet certain criteria to even be considered a structured cabling
system. Specialists know these requirements in depth. There is no learning curve.
And these systems have an average life cycle of 15 years. Specialists understand the needs of today for
voice, video, and data. But they also anticipate future needs for emerging technologies. They are in the
best position to design a long-life system.
Specialists should be able to show you examples of previous projects that have stood the test of time.

3. They are experienced installers

An inexperienced installation can be costly.
Without understanding how to work with fiber, non-specialists can cause signal loss with misplaced
bends or mismanaged splices. That’s costly over the life of the project. And if the fiber is damaged
during the installation? That’s an expensive loss of equipment.
It’s not just mishandling the fiber that can be expensive. Systems that are not installed correctly may fail
security tests. These failures result in lost time and money as the system is pulled out and reconfigured.
Specialists can prove to you that they use competent and experienced installers.

4. They invest in testing

Testing equipment and certifications cost tens of thousands of dollars. Specialists have made this investment into their business and their people. They’re able to perform sophisticated line sweeps and test their systems to ensure compliance with all applicable requirements and regulations. Specialists should have certified inspection staff and their own testing equipment.

Not sure where to start?

Capital Telecom Services, LLC, has a reputation as the go-to structured cabling specialist for integration
companies and end users. Its in-house team of cabling experts has been working on sophisticated
projects for a combined 100+ years. And they have installed over 10 million feet of CAT6, CAT5, CAT3,
Single Mode Fiber and Multimode Fiber.
CTS has completed installations at different stadiums, airports, museums, among many others. It is
trusted by AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, Boingo, Centerline, and Crown Castle.
If you want to partner with an experienced team for your structured cabling project, Capital Telecom
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