Non-compliance is common and costly

Failing to comply with any building code means you won’t get your Certificate of
Occupancy (CO). And a delayed CO costs you time and building revenue. But if the error is related to Public Safety
communications, the costs could be even higher than delayed rents.When it comes to life-safety, code officials
do not negotiate. If your building hasn’t been designed with the newest code compliance in mind, you could be looking at expensive renovations to equipment rooms and utility chases. And cutting into freshly finished walls for wireless access points and antennas.

New fire codes require increased wireless public safety communications inside buildings. Reliable in-building wireless ensures the safety of first responders, emergency personnel, and building occupants during an emergency.

Avoiding Public Safety Delays

The best way to avoid compliance issues is to plan your public safety communications from the start.
Planning early has several benefits:
• The cabling and conduit will be more efficient and cost-effective.
• The equipment room will be properly sized from the beginning.
• The antenna and wireless access points can be incorporated into the building aesthetics, while
maintaining 99%+ coverage inside of a building.
• Building owners realize greater efficiency and savings with their maintenance.
Planning early also allows you to properly integrate a commercial cellular design with the public safety
communications into your in-building wireless system. These wireless amenities help attract and retain
your tenants, who are your most valuable asset.
But even if you start early, many building owners and design professionals can have a difficult time
designing a system that meets the code requirements.

New codes, new considerations

Fire and building codes are established by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), International
Fire Code (IFC), and local Fire Marshals and municipalities. Under the revised code, all new construction
must include in-building wireless public safety communications (IBW PSC) systems that meet minimum
levels for radio transmission and coverage within buildings.
Under these requirements, residential high-rise buildings in excess of 20,000 square feet must provide
99% coverage for public safety radio frequency (RF) signals in the VHF/UHF, 700 and 800 MHz bands.

Because so much is at stake when it comes to this critical life-safety infrastructure, building owners and A/E professionals may choose to rely on a trusted IBW PSC partner. Capital Telecom Services has the experience and expertise to design a system compliant with the codes of the local authority having jurisdiction  (AHJ). And they understand how to design a
system with efficiency and cost-effectiveness in mind. Capital Telecom Services has forged strong relationships with manufacturers and carriers which result in savings and reliability to you!





If you need the peace of mind that your building is public safety compliant, Capital Telecom Services,LLC, is here to help. At Capital Telecom Services, we’re focused on public safety and in-building wireless. Our experienced IBW PSC team can design and install your system, or we can audit another’s design for compliance.

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